Who doesn’t think about buying gifts for everyone while they’re overseas? I don’t! It is easy access to purchase almost anything while you’re overseas whether it is at the local market or shopping centre. As Australia has strict regulations as to what comes back to the country, there are rules and regulations to follow by when it comes to arriving back into the country. You must declare certain items when coming back. The last thing you’d want is a valuable item that you had bought at a local market while overseas being thrown out!

Always on your flight back an airline host will give out a Returning Passengers Card for all Australian Residents returning back home, where you will have to fill out details about yourself as well as ticking off a list of what you may need to declare. Don’t be silly and make sure you declare what you have to avoid the hassle when trying to exit the airport and having to deal with border control.

I will provide information below as to what products will be alllowed and not allowed for when you return back home. Other then that if it’s not within the list below you will be premitted to buy whatever and bring back!


  • 2.25 litres of alcohol permitted
  • 50 cigarettes or 50g tobacco


  • Katanas and sumurai swords
  • Multi tool knives
  • Swords and bayonets
  • Fixed blade knives


  • Lighters
  • Mozzie zappers
  • Wooden and woven items (always make sure that is has been treated)


  • Soil Mud or Clay
  • Firearms (imitation firearms, paintball firearms & soft air firearms)
  • Blow guns
  • Electric shock devices
  • Fireworks
  • Illegal porn
  • Pirated DVDS
  • Terrorism material
  • Automatic knives
  • Concealed blades
  • Daggers
  • Extendable batons
  • Knuckle busters
  • Nunchakus
  • Pepper spray
  • Throwing blades
  • Fruits & vegetables
  • Meat products
  • Steroids
  • Sling shots
  • Laser pointers
  • Leather, fur, horns and bones

I hope that the information above has helped you with the knowledge of what you can and cannot bring back!


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