Nowadays there are so many apps to choose from and download, you just don’t know where to start. Especially when you are on the go whilst travelling, you wwant an app that you can be able to access while you are out rather then having to go on internet and having to enter all the details from there. I have a fair bit of phone apps on my phone that I like to use when travelling and I would like to share them all with you all. The best part about the apps is that they’re all FREE!

Here below are the apps that I use for when I travel:

  1. Google Trips (Android & IOS) if you have a Gmail account, Google Trips will become your best friend! With Google Trips it makes it extremely easy to access activity suggestions based on what’s nearby, customisable day plans, and your travel reservations while you’re on the go even while offline.
  2. WorldMate (Android & IOSwho doesn’t love being organised and on top of everything while travelling? You wouldn’t miss a thing! With WorldMate you can access your flight, hotel, car & train reservations (just need to forward it to a WorldMate email). As well as searching whats local near you, weather forecast, flight search, currency converter & a tip calculator. Everything in the one app is just what you want!
  3. XE (Android & IOSa currency app when you can convert all the world’s currency rates even when you’re offline.
  4. Maps.Me (Android & IOS) using normal maps on your phone would cost you a fortune while overseas, with Maps.Me, you are able to access maps & navigate offline when travelling in another country, it is available to use worldwide. You can be able to access Points of Interest, see up to date Traffic and fastest based routes & also order a taxi.
  5. Lonely Planet Guides (Android & IOSjust like what you may have seen online or in the books of Lonely Planet, it now has it’s very own app guide. You will be able to access 50+ guides where it includes an offline map, currency calculator, essential tips, must see sights, where to eat and drink, shops & accomodation.
  6. Triposo (Android & IOSa worldwide travel guide that you can use while offline you can be able to access offline maps, offline routing and offline city walks. As well as viewing Travel guides that includes practical information about your destination, what to see and do, eat and drink & book hotels and hostels.
  7. Viator (Android & IOSan app that you can use worldwide in destinations to find tours, activities and travel experiences! With Viator you can have access to vouchers, exclusive deals, and on-the-go booking who wouldn’t be happy with organising it through the click of your fingers!
  8. TripGo (Android & IOSwhat is the easiest way of travelling from place to place while overseas? There are so many route preferences to choose from when travelling. With TripGo you can be sorted as it covers transport including: train, bus, taxi, subway, metro, cab, tram, your own or share car & bike, motorcycle or ride share. You can be able to ride, check your fare & timetable, bus and train tickets, transportation directions and get live service alerts.
  9. PackPoint (Android & IOSwith this app it will recommend you as to what you should pack on your trip, with only having to enter on the screen where you’re going, date of travel, length of stay, leisure or business trip and the activities you will be doing. From there it will sum up as to what you should pack for your trip! How handy!
  10. Flight Tracker (Android & IOSto keep up to date with your flight details enter in your flight number in the search app and it will pop up with a departure date (yesterday, today and tomorrow). From there you will be able to see departure, arrival, arrival weather and route map.
  11. Skyscanner (Android & IOSbook hotels, flights and hire a car on the go! With Skyscanner you will be able to get the top deals at good prices.
  12. (Android & IOSbook your hotel while you’re on the go with this app you can be able to access hotels from all around the world with being able to select from dates, price ranges, star rating and amenities.
  13. Airbnb (Android & IOS) from around the world you can book experiences, private rooms, entire apartments or an entire house with Airbnb whether it’s in choice of your city or in the outta suburbs! Discover what it’s like to have access to a unique accomodation and experience it.
  14. Hostelworld (Android & IOSselect and choose from many hostels from around the world where you can book right away or book in spontaneously last minute. Meet young travellers like you and make a lifetime worth of friends!

The apps will come a far way for when you travel next and it would be a lifesaver for when you least expect it!