I’d like to make this post easy and useful for those who have not travelled to Europe before or are planning to and might not be aware of certain information. Below I will provide details as to what you should know when travelling around Europe.

  1. The most popular season to travel to Europe is in Summer (peak season) when it is Winter in Australia. Usually around that season everything is more expensive. Otherwise if you don’t want to go in peak season where it will be packed in Europe, then consider travelling in Autumn or Spring.
  2. On your App store on Android or iPhone, search the countries that you’re travelling to and download the Travel Guide and Offline City map app. It will show you places to sight see & eat and drink at.
  3. Learn the language or download Google Translate – especially travelling to countries where English is not the first language; it comes a long way to learn the language.
  4. Make sure to bring plenty of money for your Europe trip because everything adds up faster than you think.
  5. Don’t exchange your money at the currency exchange at the airport as they will charge you a high price.
  6. If you’re planning to travel around Europe and visit more than one country, there is no sim card that you can buy that will work across the whole of Europe, which means you’ll probably need to buy a local sim card in each country you travel.
  7. Fly with budget airlines as it is more cost friendly.
  8. Transport is the easiest option to travel around in Europe but be aware if there is a strike as it is common.
  9. Beware of pickpocketers, bag snatching & scam artists – Protect your personal belongings at all times and be alert, it is a serious problem especially in high tourist areas and on public transport. Scam artists are common around Europe so if anyone walks up to you, keep on walking and ignore them.
  10. You will see beggars wherever you go.
  11. To visit famous attractions, have a look online prior to see if you can purchase a ticket, this can avoid having to queue up one to three hours just to purchase a ticket. Booking tickets online will allow you to skip the line of waiting.
  12. The coffee is different but everyone is each to their own when it comes to taste.
  13. In some countries around Europe you will be asked to pay .50 euro – 1 euro to use the public bathrooms.
  14. The ATMS usually have poor exchange rates and be aware that you will be charged a fee for every transaction.
  15. At popular tourist destinations there will be people walking around or standing there trying to sell you souvenirs, sunglasses, selfie sticks, fake luxury goods and more.
  16. Visit the local markets – there are always a range of fresh foods to purchase from.

If there is any tips that I have not included that you would like to add then please feel free to comment below.