Last Winter I was on my semester break from uni, I didn’t want to be in Melbourne for 2 weeks as I didn’t want to wait for the days to pass by until uni started back again. Instead I planned my trip to Europe! Originally I wanted to go to Greece to meet up with my two friends who were already in Europe and were planning to travel to Greece next. But 9 days in Greece then back home would’ve been a pointless trip for me when it could’ve been spent longer.

I went to the travel agent at the start of the week to get a quote, I told her my travel plans and dates of when I wanted to travel, she recommended me countries in which I haven’t been to which sounded interesting to me. She locked in a quote for me that was to last 48 hours in her system. Two days had passed and she had called me while I was out with my mum, she was following up with the quote that I had made with her in store. As it was a few days from the intended date of travel, my mum asked why not travel the day after? I’m like what? Then she spontaneously said to me to travel today. I was lost for words at this point I didn’t know what to say it was all so last minute. So I agreed and several hours we paid for the trip, I had about 9 hours to go until I left for my flight to go Budapest.

Once the 9 hours had passed I was at Melbourne Airport checking in for my flight and then was boarding to fly to Budapest. I was over the moon to have the chance to travel last minute to a country I’ve never been to and not know anything about it either! I didn’t know what I was in for but a surprise. After stopping over in Doha, then flying to Budapest I booked my private transfer from the airport to my hotel where I was going to stay for the next 48 hours.

As soon as I got to my hotel I checked in and freshened up right away. I went straight to the streets to explore the city. It was great as I loved every bit of it, I saw that there were many buses driving around with tourists on it so I found out some  information about it. To get around and sight see it is worth purchasing a Hop on Hop off Bus pass, which covers most of the sights and attractions. I covered most sights within 48 hours of my stay in Budapest which was great!

I will provide information about Budapest along with photos of my trip below!


Budapest is the Capital of Hungary, it is a 21 hour and 15 minute plane journey from Melbourne with a stopover in Doha flying with Qatar Airways. Otherwise if you’re flying with other airlines it generally takes longer.


The most common languages that people speak in Budapest are Hungarian, German and English.


The currency in Budapest is the HUF Hungarian Forint.

Best time to travel

May throughout to September is the best time to travel, because the weather is good and there are longer daylight hours which is in late spring and summer.

What to know

  • You can purchase a Hop on Hop off bus pass at your hotel, closest bus route or tourist desk
  • Public transportation is the best option of transport in Budapest
  • Make sure you validate your ticket as there are ticket inspectors who will check if your ticket is validated or not, otherwise you will risk getting a fine
  • Do not use the taxis unless you have negotiated a cheap fare, other than that it is expensive to catch one
  • Many grocery stores are closed on Sunday so make sure you buy your groceries before then
  • Be aware of your belongings as pick pocketing and bag snatching is common in Budapest
  • Never exchange money on the street – only do it at exchange officers
  • You won’t see many public bathrooms in Budapest as there are very few, and even if you manage to come across one you will need to pay a fee of 100-200 forints to use the bathrooms
  • Be careful when making “new friends” especially in small bars. Most experiences are a scam and some visitors are targeted under false pretences. These scams of friendship are built on a false sense of security, when after a night of drinking, missing wallets, passports and possibly a robbed hotel room

Sights & attractions

  • Buda Castle
  • Széchenyi Thermal Bath
  • Gellert Baths
  • Chain Bridge
  • Hosok Tere
  • Fisherman’s Bastion
  • St Stephen’s Basilica
  • Margaret Island
  • Andrassy Avenue
  • Great Market Hall
  • Hungarian Parliament Building & more


It depends on how you spend your days although money does add up quite quickly whilst you’re over there. On average I would say $70 AUD is enough to spend for the day.

Vaci Street
Hosok Tere
Budapest Lookout
Budapest Lookout
Elisabeth Bridge
Vaci Street
Liberty Bridge
Szechenyi Chain Bridge
Outside Hungary Parliament Building
Outside Hungary Parliament Building
Outside Hungary Parliament Building
Hungary Parliament Building
Hungary Parliament Building

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