Who doesn’t love celebrating their birthdays? I know I do!

Last September I travelled to Ibiza a couple days before my birthday, I flew to Barcelona where I met up with my friend then we caught our next flight out to Ibiza. As soon as we landed we caught the bus from the airport to our accomodation. We spent the next four days in Ibiza before flying to Barcelona, overall it was a good trip down here and all for the experience (although it was very costly). I would like to share with you all some information of my own that I would like to include in this post.

This is the number 1 party island! We missed out on the big international DJs by a couple of weeks when we came down to Ibiza. Although the clubs were still running it was still a good night out for us, we experienced how different it was – the nightlife and crowds over there were insane. The best time to come here is when it is Summer which is in June, July and August. As this is when it is the party season and all the big international DJs are headlined each week at the big clubs. The clubs over there are ticketed so you will need to purchase a ticket prior to going, there are many places in the streets that you can purchase tickets for clubs. The price for tickets usually range from 40 euro onwards, also keep in mind that (drinks such as water) at the clubs cost you about 9 euro.

The price of everything in Ibiza is much more compared to other parts of Spain. So prepare to pay more and ensure you have plenty of money when making a trip down.

I will provide information about Ibiza along with photos below of my trip!


Ibiza is one of the Balearic islands, an archipelago of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a 26 hour and 15 minute plane ride from Melbourne with two stopovers in Doha and Barcelona. Flying with Qatar Airways otherwise if you’re flying with other airlines it generally takes longer.


The most common languages that people speak in Ibiza are Catalan, Spanish and English.


The currency in Ibiza is the EUR Euros.

Best season to travel

June, July and August are the best time to travel because that is when it’s Summer there.


  • Using the bus is the best way to get around the island, it is available to catch to and from the airport.

Where to visit

  • Platja d’en Bossa Beach
  • Cala Tarida Beach
  • Mercadillo Las Dalias Market
  • Cova de Can Marca Cave
  • Port de Sant Miguel Beach
  • Cala Saladeta Beach
  • Aguamar water park & more

Best clubs 

The clubs play different genre of music so do your research before going. Here is a link you can use that would be helpful: https://www.ibiza-spotlight.com/night/ibiza_clubs_i.htm

  • Amnesia
  • Ushuaia
  • Pacha
  • DC-10 Ibiza
  • Space & more


It depends on how you spend your days although money does add up quite quickly whilst you’re over there. On average I would say $100 AUD is enough to spend for the day.


All photos posted on my blog are taken and belong to me.