In my last blog post about The South Islands of New Zealand I decided that I wasn’t going to include my experience in Queenstown, which involved my activities of Bungee Jumping & the World’s Giant Swing. Instead I have made this post dedicated to both the activities that I did in New Zealand.

When our class and I was in New Zealand it was getting close to the days that we were due to go to Queenstown, we were all trying to decide what activities we wanted to do as we were going to have free time in Queenstown. Everyone was picking out the activities that they wanted to do and were booking it in, I have always had an interest when it comes to bungee jumping so I looked at packages for it. I had also come across a video on Facebook which featured the World’s Giant Swing in Queenstown, it looked like so much fun. Once watching the video I made my decision that I wanted to do Bungee Jumping and the World’s Giant Swing. I found a package online on AJ Hackett which included them both so I called up the company and booked in for one of the days that I was going to be in Queenstown.

A couple of days later we arrived into Queenstown, the second day in Queenstown was our day of free time for everyone to do their activities. I had booked mine for the morning so I walked over to the Aj Hackett Centre and checked myself in, once checking in I had to go to the desk to be examined for my height and weight. Once that was completed I sat down on the beanbags at the centre where everyone else was waiting for Bungee Jumping. The bus driver then came into the centre to collect us up to take us to the destination where we were to bungee jump. The bus then took us directly to the destination there was a centre there as well, I had once again checked in and was given a harness for bungee jumping. We had to catch an outdoor lift that took us to where we were going to bungee jump which was on top of a river.

A few people had gone before me then it was my turn, I had it planned in my head that everything was going to go smoothly after watching a few Youtube videos. Once I was there it was such a big rush. I think what got me the most was when they strapped my feet together before I jumped, I was looking down to see how high I was going to drop (134 meters). It was my turn whilst I was standing there when all these feelings started rushing to me and I was feeling a tad nervous. The next thing you know I get pushed off by one of the workers and I’m going down so fast and I swing out my arms. The view around me was absolutely amazing. In my head I was saying ‘I DID IT!!!!!!’ it was such a relief and to know that I could do something like this was great.

The next activity was the World’s Giant Swing it sucked because everyone before and after me were doing it in pairs, unfortunately I was by myself so I did it solo. It didn’t matter though because I wanted to do the swing no matter what, the drop was probably the scariest thing because you are not expecting it. But flying on the swing across the river was breathtaking and to observe everything around me was beautiful. That then was the end to my activities!

Overall I’m not scared of heights but I’ve always wanted to know what the feeling was like to be ‘pushed off something high’. As crazy as that sounds I wanted to experience it first in hand and do it while I had the chance to. I love adrenaline and thrill seeking activities it’s something that everyone should experience once in their lifetime to be able to live in the moment and do something spontaneous that they would never do. Something out of your comfort zone because I believe you will regret it if you never try.







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