From Florence my friend and I caught a train to Rome where we were going to be spending the next two nights there, as my friend hadn’t been there before we thought we should visit the city while we were in Italy. Rome is another destination to visit if your a first timer to Italy, there is plenty do in the city and sights worth visiting out.

I will provide information about Rome along with photos below of my trip!


Rome is the capital of Italy, it is a 23 hour and 5 minute plane ride from Melbourne, flying with Emirates with a stopover in Dubai. Otherwise if you’re flying with other airlines it generally takes longer.


The common language that people speak in Italy is Italian and English.


The currency in Rome is the EUR Euros.

What to know

  • Make sure to pre purchase your public transportation tickets as you can’t purchase it on transport. Tobacco shops and kiosks at metro stations are where you can purchase your tickets
  • Stay away from the gypsies, beggars, old ladies and little kids who approach you in the streets. If they offer you anything simply say no or ignore them instead
  • Be aware of your belongings as pick pocketing is big in Rome
  • Depending where you go if you need to use the public bathrooms at some places, there can be a charge between .50 euro – 1.5 euro
  • Visit the main attractions early in the morning to avoid crazy lines and wait times that happen throughout the day
  • If you don’t like waiting in lines then purchase a fast pass to the attractions you really want to visit, as this way you won’t be having to wait in line for ages
  • Don’t eat at the main restaurants along the the streets as its usually overpriced, do your research and find ones worth visiting
  • In Rome there is a table service fee of 10% at restaurants

Best season to travel

Spring: March, April & May

Summer: June, July & August

Autumn: September & October

Sights and attractions

  • Colosseum
  • St Peters Bascilica
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Roman Forum
  • Pantheon
  • Vatican Museum
  • Spanish Steps
  • Castel Sant’Angelo
  • Pizaza Venezia
  • St Peters Square
  • Piazza Di Spagna & more


It depends on how you spend your days although money does add up quite quickly whilst you’re over there. On average I would say $50 AUD is enough to spend for the day.


All photos posted on my blog are taken and belong to me.