From Amsterdam we flew back to Florence where we originally were first prior to going Amsterdam, from here I was going to be spending time with my friends for the next two weeks. As we had a lot of time to spare in Florence, my friend and I decided that we should get out of the city and explore other parts of Italy (those posts will be coming up soon). Florence is a beautiful city although it’s small it’s good for a two day trip as you could get most things done within that time.

I will provide information about Florence along with photos below of my trip!


Florence is a city in Italy, it is a 27 hour plane ride from Melbourne flying with Ethiad Airways with a stopover in Abu Dhabi. Otherwise if you’re flying with other airlines it generally takes longer.


The common language that people speak in Italy is Italian and English.


The currency in Italy is the EUR Euros.

What to know

  • As it is a small city everything is within walking distance so no need to catch a taxi or transport
  • You’ll see many beggars in the streets so don’t be scared as it’s totally normal for Europe
  • Be aware of your belongings as pick pocketing is an issue in Italy

Best season to travel

Spring: March, April & May

Summer: June, July & August

Autumn: September & October

Sights and attractions

  • Florence Cathedral
  • Piazza Del Duomo
  • Palazzo Vecchio
  • Loggia Dei Lanzi
  • Piazza Della Repubblica
  • Piazzale Michelangelo & more


It depends on how you spend your days although money does add up quite quickly whilst you’re over there. On average I would say $100 AUD is enough to spend for the day.


All photos posted on my blog are taken and belong to me.